Make your moment truly memorable with Gattea Jewellers

Gattea Jewellers can help you make your engagement a truly special moment with a timeless artisan piece crafted by our master jeweller Noah Gattea. One of our experienced jewellery stylist will work hand in hand with you to create a bespoke engagement ring fit for the most important question you’ll ever ask your partner.

Using 3D design software, with your input we will design your engagement ring precisely how you picture it in you mind. We’ll then print it in resin mould using our in store 3D printer so you can hold it in your hand to ensure it meets your expectations.

When you choose Gattea Jewellers for your engagement, you’ll only get one answer: yes.

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Sometimes even the best of us need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

If you think your significant other needs a little push to get them over the line, why not drop them a hint with Gattea Jewellers?

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Centre Diamond Showcased with a Floating Row of Diamonds on the shoulder. 

Model 04

Framing the centre diamond with seamlessly set diamonds and a floating row of diamonds on the shoulder.


Celebrating the centre Diamond with multiple surrounding rows of perfectly set diamonds, featuring a floating row of diamonds on the shoulder.


With Simplicity at its Origin, Cherishing the Centre Diamond.


Signature Halo Round
Rose Gold Pear Shape Micro Prive